Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Marketing is a very important function in any business practices. Today, when everything has gone Digital, why should Marketing should be left behind?  Earlier It used to take a lot of time to reach a few people to show a product, but now it is just a few seconds and you reach thousands of people without going anywhere. This has become possible due to DIGITAL MARKETING

How does it help to NGOs and Foundation and any Social Organization?

NGOs work day in and out for the good worldwide, you have so many stories to be shared, Digital Marketing offers a great chance to present your work to the outside world and When people come across your work, they get inspired, and at times these people also join or support NGOs' causes.

Social Sector Organizations primary audience / stakeholders are online. Digital marketing will allow non-profit organizations to not just spread awareness about their work or impact but also engage audience more effectively. NGOs haven’t unlocked the potential of fund-raising and growth of organization through digital Marketing. Digital marketing is one of the most effective tools to catalyse impact and engage your stakeholders at a very low marketing budget.

We at CSRHAT, train you on different platforms to reach your right audiences so you grow more. 

What will you learn?

Blog Writing | Email Marketing | SEO | SEM | YouTube Promotion | Facebook Marketing | LinkedIn Marketing 

Instagram Marketing | Pinterest Marketing | Quora Marketing | Twitter | Affiliate Marketing | Google Analytics


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