CSRHAT acts as a platform for organizations, NGOs and Individuals who wish to make the world a better place and work for it with frequent social work. Our platform allows them to connect, communicate and collaborate to expedite on social endeavors, subsequently contributing to a beautiful, kinder world to live in.

We present you with a timeline which demonstrates the social work you do on a daily basis. It incorporates the details you enter about your program, communal visits, success stories, etc.

Indeed, many of us desire for a better world - a world more humane, kind, generous and compassionate. Do you wish to work for it? We present you with abundant opportunities of jobs in the technological sector while companies regularly seek a suitable candidate for their positions.

Needless to say, proposal posting has always been challenging. Well, with CSRHAT, you can post your proposal to find the perfect partner for you to implement your program with while NGOs find their suitable work, consequently meeting their objectives.

Explore more, visit www.csrhat.com

freshtechjobs.com, a job portal only for technical freshers viz. Diploma, Bachelor, Master with Technical Degrees and Companies who recruit these freshers.

Our years of research and experience show that either metro city college students or renowned college students establish connections with recruiters faster due to easier access. Others struggle to find ways.

On the other hand, Companies find it difficult to choose the right talent through different sources. Some of these sources are on campus recruitments, paid advertisements, agencies, etc. which are time consuming and costly activities.

Here, the platform give aspirants an easy way to reach out to multiple companies by uploading their details along with a CV at no cost; and recruiters can search, post jobs, assess students by adding their own questionnaire, shortlist and call for a final round of interview completely free of cost.

for details visit www.freshtechjobs.com

Who we are

CSRHAT is an organization with experienced professionals who share a vision of leaping beyond the ordinary and create a more compassionate world to thrive for the good. We were uplifted to build this platform after perusing similar platforms sharing our vision: to contribute in building a better world. We welcome and strongly encourage new ideas to improve and strengthen our products and services with open arms.

Our Vision

Bring the world closer by contributing towards building an obligingly selfless and compassionate place to live in.

Our Missions

To help encourage social work and its subsequent collaboration to aid the ones in need.

To enhance the search process of job seekers as well as organizations by connecting them onto our resourceful platform.

To foster an environment to train individuals to be focused and synchronized with their organization’s missions, thereby ameliorating the decision making and flexible thinking process.

Get Involved

We understand that every employee is an individual and will have something unique to say and contribute. Therefore, we try to keep our culture encouraging. We try hard to foster an environment where our people take decisions on behalf of the company, as if they were making them for themselves.

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